Milli Ders is the Netherlands based educational project, teaching online our native language, history and culture to bilingual Azerbaijani families all over the world.


  • Multilingual Azerbaijani Tutors
  • Edutainment Method
  • Tailor-made Approach
  • Anyage. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Free Trial Lesson
  • Free Learning Materials

For the moment we offer online lessons with tutors (both private and group).But we will add Selfstudy option as well very soon.

Out tutors are highly skilled professionals working both in Azerbaijan and in  Europe.They have huge teaching experience, love what they do and do what they love.

Our tutors are multilingual.They speak English,French,Italian,Germany and Russian.

Our courses are designed for all age groups:

kids ( 4-9)

teens  (10-15)

adults  (16+) 

By default, all web pages are served using HTTPS.  All personal passwords are encrypted. 

Email, whatsapp  or call us.


No, it is not possible to register 2 people with the same e-mail address. To access our online learning platform,  every registration has to be linked to an individual account with its own e-mail address.


You will be able to log in automatically after you register yourself as a user.No need for confirmation of your registration by e-mail. But You will  receive an email with Zoom joining details the day before your trial lesson and the course start day.

Your account will start working after your payment, before your course begins and will close one week after the end of your course.

Your internet browser may have saved an old password. Delete your cookies or try in another browser. For example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. It is also possible that you entered an incorrect password when registering. In that case, contact us by telephone, so we can help you further.

Log in using the username and password you created at registration and further purchase. Once logged in,  go to the course/s you’re signed up for and  you will find all the lessons and activities unblocked.


  • Azerbaijani Language
  • History of Azerbaijan
  • Music of Azerbaijan
  • Art of Azerbaijan

We use Zoom system for our online lessons with tutors. You will receive all the relevant joining details shortly before your trial lesson and further when your course begins. 

We have different packages for different courses. They vary between 8 – 64 lessons.

Sure! First, you fill out a special form by clicking the “Join for a trial lesson” button. You will be contacted by one of our tutors soon by WhatsApp to choose a convenient time for the test lesson. After, you will be sent a Zoom invitation. The duration of the trial lesson is 30 minutes.

We teach using  various digital learning technologies: slides, animation,videos,tests,quizzes and puzzles. We use edutainment method (education+entertainmen) advanced methodology that allows  to develop your learning skills in a complex way.

Classes start a time you choose and agree with the tutor. As we communicate with Azerbaijani families living in different countries of the world (Europe,USA, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia etc), we adapt to the schedule that is convenient for you.

You may cancel tuition by giving at least 24 hours prior notice to the tutor in which case no tuition fees will be incurred. Lessons not attended by the student without giving 24 hours prior notice to the tutor shall be charged at the full rate. In both cases student will get a video recording of the missed lesson (for groups only).The missed group lesson, unlike the private lesson, shall not be conducted again. Stopping the course prematurely does not under any circumstances mean that the student can claim a refund of the fee for the chosen course.The tutor may cancel lessons by giving 24 hours prior notice to the student in which case no fees shall be incurred. The tutor shall reschedule the appointment at a time agreeable to both parties, failing which the student shall be refunded  with such a missed lesson fee. 
No adjustment shall be made for time lost because of late arrival or lack of internet by the student.Any lost time because of the late arrival or lack of internet by the tutor shall be compensated for by extending a lesson by mutual agreement and by such amount of time that was lost.

No.All materials are free and included.

The course manual and any other included materials will be given to you in your first lesson.You will find all  materials on our online learning platform.If your course requires a text book you will have been sent details of this.  

Sure, there is.How fast you learn and how much time you have varies from person to person. 


Courses cost between €120 – €160 per 8 lessons. For more detailed information, please check the page of each specific course.


In general, there is a week payment period. At the very latest, payments must be made before the course starts.

Payment in instalments is not possible. Upon registration, the full amount must be paid a week before the course starts.

You can pay with PayPal in your personal account by clicking “Buy now” button.Minimal package is 8 lessons. For more detailed information, please check the page of each specific course.Payment is not possible without registration.

 Simply contact us and we will fix this manually. But please note that if your payment went through, you will always  get an email from Paypal. On other occasions, the payment did not go through and the user might assume it did. Check if your credit card was charged or you got a Paypal email about the transaction, contact us and we will fix the issue asap.

Yes. PayPal and Stripe handles credit card payments for our site and is the industry leader in secure online payments. We do not see or store your credit card details on our servers. They are secured by PayPal and Stripe.