History of Azerbaijan (loading)

To study the rich and ancient history of our Motherland is as important as to know our native Azerbaijani language. The course acquaints you with the most important historical events and prominent historical figures of Azerbaijan and presented through the  interesting interactive materials, tests and […]


Art of Azerbaijan (loading)

Azerbaijani Art is as ancient and rich as the history of our Motherland. Rock images of Gobustan, awesome heritage of caucasian Albania, colorful carpets, amazing paintings— all this proves that our cultural heritage is very rich and beautiful. With this course you will discover Art […]


Music of Azerbaijan (loading)

Do you want to feel all the beauty and richness of our musical heritage , immerse yourself in the world of folk songs, mughams,classical  and jazz music as well as  learn about famous singers and musicians of Azerbaijan? You will definetly enjoy this course if […]


Azerbaijani Language

Are you and your family just at the start of your Azerbaijani language journey?Then join our four-level program of Azerbaijani language which is centered around the characters of two sisters Milli and Dilli  living with their parents in the  Netherlands and trying to learn their native language. […]